Growth and Retention Manager Diana Petrik serves, an organization that allows clients to control the impression they make when potential employers, lenders, or other parties search for them online and that helps to keep their personal information private. Diana Petrik attended the College of San Mateo, where she studied business administration. After college, Diana Petrik occupied a number of positions with various companies, including Internet-based businesses. In1999, Diana Petrik served as Store Manager at The Clothestime, Inc. Her next endeavor took her to Aaron Brothers, Inc. as Assistant Manager, where she oversaw the company’s daily operations, planned strategic retail goals, developed programs to hire and train employees, put together in-store displays and campaigns, and supervised the staff. In 2003, Diana Petrik joined Starbucks Corporation as an Assistant Manager, a position in which she taught employees Starbuck’s famous Customer-First Philosophy and established sales quotas that enabled her to achieve 15 percent growth in several consecutive quarters. Diana Petrik owned and operated Planet Kids Retail Store from December of 1996 to June of 1998, which was voted Best in Bay Area by a readers’ poll. In this role, she managed all aspects of the business, improved profitability by 25 percent, and created and maintained the company website, which boasted a customer base of 300. As an Executive Assistant at Libra Electric Company, Diana Petrik acted as the point person for all business inquiries, handled all external communications with clients, and increased collections by 100 percent. Subsequently, Diana Petrik joined Google as Team Lead for the Google Maps Team. As a key member of the team, Diana Petrik contributed critical input that impacted information gathering and service capabilities. An out-of-the-box thinker who has built and led teams that deliver top performance, Diana Petrik has utilized her skills in setting and attaining strategic goals in her current position at since March of 2010.


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